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Why does health insurance matter?

In the past decade, health care costs across the country have continued to rise at rates much faster than most other consumer goods and services. As an employer, you never know if or when illness or injury will strike you, an employee, or one of your family members. A long-term illness or catastrophic injury can be devastating to you, your employees, your employees' families, and to your business.

In addition to providing access to preventive care, prescription drugs, and treatment for catastrophic illnesses or injuries, health insurance protects your employees from the financial ruin that can occur when significant medical care is needed, especially in the case of a chronic or ongoing illness. Healthy Texas makes it possible for even the smallest businesses to offer one of the most important benefits of employment.

Just as health insurance gives your employees peace of mind and reliable access to needed health care services, Healthy Texas offers these same valuable benefits to you as a small business owner. Healthy Texas is for small business owners as well as their employees.

With Healthy Texas, you and your employees get:

  • A reliable, affordable option for health care
  • Less anxiety and stress about getting health care when it is needed
  • An advantage that may not be offered by other employers
Unexpected health care costs are one of the biggest causes of bankruptcy among uninsured families in America.
American Journal of Medicine (2007).
"As an owner of a small private school, I have always had a goal of being able to provide quality group health insurance for my teachers. Healthy Texas has allowed me to achieve that goal. And it's a great comfort to my employees that they are able to stay with their current providers. Thank you, Healthy Texas!" - Lisl Friday, Athena Montessori

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