Texas Department of Insurance


Without health insurance through their jobs, uninsured Texans may lack regular access to health care. Studies have consistently shown that having health insurance leads to healthier lives.

Healthy Texas was developed to encourage Texas small businesses, even those with just a few employees, to offer health insurance as a benefit. With the help of state dollars and the backing of the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI), Healthy Texas gives eligible small employers a way to offer health care to their employees.

Making health insurance more available to Texas small businesses helps everyone, because taxpayers and people with insurance indirectly pay for the health care costs of the uninsured. By sharing the costs of health insurance with those small employers that would otherwise be unable to afford coverage, the State of Texas helps drive down the costs of health insurance for all Texans, including the taxpayers who support public hospitals and government programs like Medicaid.

Many Texans without health insurance come from families where at least one person has a job working for a small business.

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